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The UK Legends band theuklegends

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The sale of this intelectual property and goodwill includes both of the high level domain names UKLEGENDS.COM and UKLEGENDS.CO.UK (transferred via Escrow Consierge Service) and includes the perpetual license to use the worldwide historic UK Legends name registration certificate held from 2007 onwards giving exclusive rights to the use of the UK LEGENDS name. The sale also includes permission to use all of the UK LEGENDS copyright logo designs and this original website's copyrighted content.

If you would like to legally use the UK LEGENDS brand name for your own band, show, or project please contact UKL Management at uklegends@gmail.com for further details.

Two other registered names 'UK ROCK LEGENDS' (including the domain ukrocklegends.com) and 'ANIMALS III' (including the domain animals3.com) are also for sale.
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The following content is the original official UK Legends band website that has been registered Worldwide since 2007 (The original previous domain name of www.theuklegends.com was discontinued when it was later changed to the high level domain name www.uklegends.com)

Read the true history of the UK LEGENDS band since it started in 2007 on the 'About the Band' page

This website contains the historic content up until 2021

The UK Legends theuklegends








The band started performing its very popular 'UK LEGENDS' show back in 2007 featuring the hit songs of all the bands and musicians that the band members have worked with.

In 2012 the band also started performing in the UK under the name of 'THE UK ROCK LEGENDS'

In 2014 members of the band started performng a dedicated Animals tribute show under the name of  'ANIMALS III'

In 2016 members of the band started performing the 'SONGS OF SMOKIE' tribute show dedicated to the hit songs of Smokie featuring 'The voice of Smokie' Bernie Lowery.

All these shows have been a great success over the years and we look forward to many more shows to come

Check out our concerts page and come along and be entertained! We love to meet our audiences, so be sure to introduce yourselves to us afterwards!

Check out our other pages on this website, and also our facebook page to see whats going on and what we are all about!

See you soon :-)

Stevie Hutch


Thanks for coming by and visiting the official website for The UK LEGENDS band since 2007

We are always happy to get visits and messages from long-time fans from all around the World, and we also look forward to making new friends.

Here you can check out our performance schedule, artiste biogs,view our picture gallery, and also read our UKL News page to get the full low down on the band.

For the past 15 years the band members have been touring their shows throughout Europe as the UK Legends, UK Rock Legends, and the Ultimate Gary Moore band featuring musicians from such legendary bands as The Animals, Smokie, Roxy Music, Status Quo, The Bee Gees, The Move, Fist, Eric Bell's Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake,  Saxon, Tygers of Pan Tang and also Gary Moore's band.


For those who have not yet been to one of our concerts.....

 The UK Legends show is a 100% live performance of the hits songs of the legendary bands and artistes that the members of the band have worked with during their musical careers which includes


During the past fifteen years the UK Legends have featured musicians in it's ine-up from the following legendary bands: THE ANIMALS, SMOKIE, ROXY MUSIC, STATUS QUO, THE BEE GEES, THE MOVE, ERIC BELL'S THIN LIZZY, WHITESNAKE, SAXON, TYGERS OF PAN TANG, LINDISFARNE, JOHN MILES BAND and GARY MOORE'S BAND

New for 2021!

Through the years the UK Legends band has always varied the musicians that it has in featured in its shows and in 2021 we bring you a fresh new line up of seasoned professional musicians into the show.

After 15 years of touring our show through Europe, we have been working hard very hard on our new performances for 2021/2022, and we invite you to join us on our incredible musical journey of legendary UK hit  songs from the 60's through to the 90's.

The UK Legends band also features various band members and perform a variety of different shows as ANIMALS III, ULTIMATE GARY MOORE and SONGS OF SMOKIE

Here you can check our performance schedule, artist biogs and view our picture gallery.

To book THE UK LEGENDS, ANIMALS III or THE SONGS OF SMOKIE show for a concert or for general enquiries, please contact us or one of our agents

Here's some of our  facebook  reviews:





Please be aware that previous members of this band who have had their permission revoked to perform under the UK Legends name are currently performing an illegal copy of this registered UK LEGENDS show. They have also put up a fake website under the name of 'THE UK LEGENDS' which contains copyright material that they have copied and pasted from this official UK LEGENDS website. They are also using our previously discontinued domain name of 'theuklegends.com' to get traffic to their website and they have also set up a cloned facebook page under the name of 'The Uk Legends' to mislead members of the public into thinking that they are the long established UK Legends band. They have also cloned other band's websites and facebook pages. This in law is known as Passing Off and Domain Name Abuse. The name 'UK LEGENDS' has been legally registered since January 15th 2007 for use only by Steve Hutchinson and his band members. An injunction is currently being sought to stop their illegal performances under the registered UK LEGENDS name.

Please make sure that it is the Official and Genuine registered 'UK LEGENDS' band that you go to see.

If Steve Hutchinson is not performing in the band then it is NOT the genuine UK Legends band.

See you all soon. 

The name 'UK LEGENDS' was registered worldwide by Steve Hutchinson in 2007 under the band name ID No: 580663 with the registration ID No: 2406877. Steve Hutchinson has operated the UK LEGENDS band since its inception in January 2007, and also since its re-formation in 2009


Its 2021 and the 'UK LEGENDS' are back following the long shutdown due to the Covid pandemic!

As you know, the band has been touring in Europe and around the UK since 2007 and we are all very pleased to be able to perform again to our many followers around the world and in the UK. 

The band has also made some changes since you last saw us and the UK LEGENDS now have an awesome line-up of professional musicians who have come together to make this a great show for 2021 and onwards. Everyone has been working very hard behind the scenes to make this new show exactly what you have been looking for.


You are invited to join us with this new line up at one of our established UK LEGENDS shows and come on a wonderful musical journey of classic hit songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's.

Check out our concerts page to see if we are going to be performing near to you!

To book the band please go to our Contact Us page!

Visit the official UK LEGENDS facebook page by clicking on the link below:

To go to The UK Legends Facebook page

Click on the facebook logo or visit www.facebook.com/ukrocklegends

UK Legends CD now available
UK Legends CD cover front
UK Legends CD cover back
It's a CD featuring our own studio recordings of the following ten songs that we perform in our live show:

I'll Meet You At Midnight (Smokie)
Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (The Animals)
Mexican Girl (Smokie)
Knocking on Heavens Door (Bob Dylan)
Lay Back in the Arms of Someone (Smokie)
House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)
Wild Angels (Smokie)
Unchain My Heart (Joe Cocker)
If You Think You Know How To Love Me (Smokie)
For a Few Dollars More (Smokie)
Whiskey in the Jar (Thin Lizzy)
Living Next Door to Alice (Smokie)
plus special bonus original track
I'd Die For You (UK Legends)

This CD is available at our concerts and also soon via this website

Watch out for VOLUME 2 coming soon
featuring new UK Legends original songs

The UK Legends band theuklegends

To book the band please contact UKLEGENDS@GMAIL.COM

or visit our contact page

The  UKLEGENDS are here to entertain you!

Also check out the website for the genuine registered ANIMALS III band
by clicking on the logo
and see their exclusive stage show:
Featuring previous members of The Animals, Animals II, and Hilton Valentine's Animals
For information about the band's new CLASSIC ROCK LEGENDS show
please click on the band's new logo:
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