About The Band

About the Band


To put it simply, The Rock Legends band are a 5 piece rock covers band performing the hit songs of the legendary bands and musicians that they have worked with over their musical careers, which includes The Animals, Smokie, Status Quo, Joe Cocker, Dire Straits, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, and many more.

The concept of the 'Classic Rock Legends' show is that it consists of a wide repertoire of hit songs from legendary rock bands of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s instead of performing the songs of only one band. Having such a wide variety of songs in the concert guarantees that their show is not only very entertaining, but it also satisfies a very wide selection of musical tastes, age ranges and gender.

With each of the band members holding the credibility of having worked with so many famous bands and musicians during their long careers, The Rock Legends band can rightfully perform such a wide variety of hit songs in their shows.

The Rock Legends are a professional British band that regularly headline at concerts around Europe with audiences of up to 50,000 people per show. They have performed live on many TV shows, some of which have been simultaneously broadcast to over 100 countries worldwide.

History of




This show was first created under the registered name of UK Legends in January 2007 and the band that performs the show has had many different members and line-ups throughout its long history. Most of the performers who have taken part in the show since it started in 2007 have been listed below in chronological order.

Although the UK Legends show has always been based around core musicians, it was always intended for the show to be an open platform for many different musicians and special guests to also perform on. The show has unfortunately had quite a turbulent core band member history and the following information is the true history of the numerous different UK Legends band line ups taken from documentary evidence as well as factual information recorded in the UKL Management diaries.



Back in the summer of 2006 early members of the first line up were performing under the name of Lieutenant Pigeon which was a very popular band in the UK. At this same time Polish promoter Marian Knapczyk was looking for a British band that could perform on his corporate shows in Poland and he approached them to see if they would be interested.

The Lieutenant Pigeon band members agreed and on 1st December 2006 they performed a show at the Spodek Arena in Katowice under their keyboard player's band name of 'The Legends'. The line up of the Legends band was Gary Moberley, Simon Van Downham, Geoff Hammond and Martin Bland.

Unfortunately 'The Legends' band only lasted for this one show in Poland due to an altercation between Martin Bland and the keyboard player Gary Moberley.

'The Legends' band performing in Poland on 1st December 2006 featuring:
Band leader Gary Moberley, Simon Van Downham, Geoff Hammond and Martin Bland

In January 2007 the Legends keyboard player Gary Moberley made the claim that he held historic rights to his band name 'The Legends' and he informed his previous band members that he would stop them from using this name for any further shows they did without him.

On 7th January 2007 Marian Knapczyk and new keyboard player Steve Hutchinson (Stevie Hutch) were aware of the ongoing conflict with Garry Moberley over the use of his name 'The Legends' for any future shows so they decided to look for an alternative name for the proposed shows. The names LEGENDY ROCKA (ROCK LEGENDS in Polish) and BRYTYJSKIE LEGENDY (BRITISH LEGENDS) were both considered at this time but Steve and Marian both finally decided upon the much simpler name of UK LEGENDS and established it as the new name to use for their future shows. The descision to use this particular name was due to the fact that 'UK LEGENDS' could be easily translated into any language.

On 13th January 2007 Steve Hutchinson officially registered the name 'UK LEGENDS'. This was to avoid any future conflicts over the ownership of the name and so he could commence the investment of his own time and money into his promotion of the new UK LEGENDS show in other territories of the world outside of Poland.

As each of the band members had a long history of working in other bands, some of which were internationally famous, they were able to put together a show that would consist of the hit songs of the bands, and musicians, that the band members had all previously performed with. At that time this would include songs from The Animals, Smokie, John Miles, Joe Cocker, Bee Gees, Thin Lizzy, and Dire Straits just to name a few!

On 5th March 2007 the band played its very first concert in Poland under Steve Hutchinson and Marian Knapczyk's new show name of :

The UK Legends copyright logo 2007

The first line-up of the new 'UK LEGENDS' band featured Simon Van Downham, Geoff Hammond, Stevie Hutch and Martin Bland, and very quickly the bookings started rolling in putting the UK Legends show well and truly on the road.

The shows they performed were mainly in front of 17,000 strong audiences in some of the biggest arenas in Poland.
The UK Legends Simon Hough and Stevie Hutch
Stevie Hutch and Simon Van Downham in the UK LEGENDS in 2008

In the following years Marian Knapczyk continued to promote the UK LEGENDS show throughout Poland while Steve Hutchinson also promoted the UK LEGENDS as a separate show throughout the rest of the world undertaking all of the band's administration, website creation and management, media advertising and bookings for the shows.

Unfortunately in 2009 this very first line up of the UK LEGENDS band split up with Simon Van Downham and Geoff Hammond refusing to work with Martin Bland again. As the UK LEGENDS name was registered to Steve Hutchinson the Polish promoter gave him the task of quickly creating a replacement UK LEGENDS band to undertake further shows in Poland.

Because of the irreversible dispute between Martin Bland and Simon Van Downham, Steve had the choice of either recruiting both Simon Van Downham and Geoff Hammond back into the new band along with a new bass player, or recruiting Martin Bland back into the band along with a new guitarist and drummer.

After a difficult decision Steve decided to re-enlist his previous bass player Martin Bland and bring in the new band members Graham Hunter on guitar and Ade Evans on drums along with Alan Silson from the UK chart topping band Smokie also on guitar and vocals, who was later replaced by Bernie Lowery.

The UK Legends 2009
The 2nd UK LEGENDS band in 2009 Left to Right:
Graham Hunter, Stevie Hutch, Bernie Lowery, Ade Evans and Martin Bland
Steve's 2nd version of the UK LEGENDS band quickly gained immense popularity not only in Poland but also throughout Europe due to the professionalism of the band's performances and the popularity of the songs they performed.

In 2009 the UK LEGENDS name was trademarked in Poland by Wojciech Musnicki from the show's Polish management company to stop other promoters in Poland from using the UK LEGENDS name for their own shows .

In 2010 drummer Ade Evans left the band after a disagreement with Martin Bland and was replaced by the session drummer Paul Elliott.

In 2012 following a dispute between Martin Bland and Polish promoter Marian Knapzcyk the bulk of the shows in Poland stopped. To create replacement work for the band Steve introduced the band into the UK market and re-branded the shows as 'UK ROCK LEGENDS'.
UK Rock Legends copyright logo 2012
These shows were performed without Bernie Lowery because the rock songs that Graham Hunter performed in the show were more popular in the UK than the Smokie songs. 

In 2012 Paul Elliott left the UK LEGENDS / UK ROCK LEGENDS band after a disagreement with Martin Bland and was replaced for a short time by the drummer Mickey Mad Dog.

In 2013 Mickey Mad Dog left the band after being cold-shouldered by Martin Bland, with drummer Paul Thompson of Roxy Music joining the band for a short time until Mickey Mad Dog was re-enlisted again as a full time member.

In 2013 guitarist Graham Hunter left the band and was replaced by guitarist Brian Vasey.

In 2013 after a short time in the band Brian Vasey left the band after an altercation with Martin Bland and Graham Hunter rejoined the band.

In 2014 Steve also formed his own tribute band to The Animals under his previously registered name of 'ANIMALS III' bringing together former Animals vocalist Tony Liddle and former Animals guitarist George Fearon, along with other musicians from the UK LEGENDS band lineup. Steve's Animals III band has performed shows in Scandinavia, Belgium and the UK.
Animals III copyright logo 2014
Steve's Animals III band continues today with different band members under the newer name of 'ANIMAL TRACKS' performing 'The Animals Greatest Hits Show'.
Details of the band can be found at www.animals3.com

In 2015 Graham Hunter left the UK LEGENDS / UK ROCK LEGENDS band to work with members of the late Gary Moore's band and was replaced by previous Animals and Saxon rock vocalist Tony Liddle and the previous Tygers of Pan Tang guitarist Steve Lamb.

In 2015 Mickey Mad Dog left the band after further altercations with Martin Bland and Paul Elliott rejoined the band.

In 2016 Graham Hunter re-joined the band replacing Steve Lamb and Tony Liddle following a disagreement between Martin Bland and Tony Liddle.

In 2016 Steve Hutchinson reverted the name of UK ROCK LEGENDS show back to 'UK LEGENDS' because he felt the UK Legends name was more suited to the older audiences in the UK's social clubs.

In 2016 Steve also set up and registered his very own Smokie tribute band under the name of 'SONGS OF SMOKIE' featuring Bernie Lowery (also known as The Voice of Smokie) using the same line up as the UK LEGENDS band. The Songs of Smokie band was created to perform shows in Europe and at the Butlins 70's Weekends and other popular holiday camps. The Songs of Smokie band still continues today but with a brand new lineup of musicians.
Songs of Smokie copyright logo 2016
Details of the show can be found at www.songsofsmokie.com

In 2017 guitarist Graham Hunter left the band after a being cold-shouldered by Martin Bland and was replaced by the guitarist Steve Lamb.

In 2017 drummer Paul Elliott left the band after a further altercation with Martin Bland and Mickey Mad Dog rejoined the band again.

In 2019 drummer Mickey 'Mad Dog' left the band following further disagreements with Martin Bland and was replaced by the drummer George Defty.

In 2020 Bernie Lowery was brought back into the band to cover for Steve Hutchinson who was refusing to take part in all of his UK LEGENDS shows that Martin Bland was deliberately under-selling around the UK into bars and small venues. This under-selling of the show was also making it impossible for Steve to sell the UK LEGENDS as a high level professional show to festivals in Europe.


In 2021, due to a dispute between Steve Hutchinson and Martin Bland over many issues including Martin Bland's miss-selling of Steve's ANIMALS III band, Steve Hutchinson replaced all of his UK LEGENDS, ANIMALS III, and Songs of Smokie band members with new band members.

The new replacement band members for Steve's UK LEGENDS shows are Howard Baker on vocals and White Heat drummer George Waters, with Steve also teaming back up with previous 1990's Animals bass player Graham Hill, and previous UK Legends / Animals III / UK Rock Legends original guitarist Graham Hunter.

This is the current line-up of the band today.

In 2021 the band started performing their show as


in the UK and Europe

In 2022 the band started performing as the


at show at Festivals and Theatres around the UK and Europe.
The Classic Rock Legends show logo

Please note:

Previously removed members of Steve Hutchinson's UK Legends band are currently misleading the public by illegaly performing their own shows under the officially registered names of UK LEGENDS and ANIMALS III.

A Legal Injuction is currently being sought to stop them from performing their shows under these names.

The following legally binding certificates of registration are held by Steve Hutchinson for the band names:
UK Legends, UK Rock Legends, Animals III, Animals 3, Songs of Smokie, Voice of Smokie, The Animals Greatest Hits Show, Animal Tracks, Rock Legends, The Sensational Rock Legends Show, and Classic Rock Legends.
These names have all been historically registered with the UK based company Log Networks Ltd t/a bandname.com.
Each certificate gives clear official documentation of the dates of name registration and ownership.
Sometimes documentary evidence of the truth is all you need


Clarification of Band v Bandname

Use of the term ‘band’ is of no importance in IP law. A band is simply a collection of musicians who have come together to perform under a designated 'name'. The musicians who perform in that 'band' (or orchestra) are also irrelevent in IP law and performing in the 'band' does not give any rights to ownership of the performance 'name' where that performance name has been previously registered by another person for the puposes of a providing the show, unless the performance 'name' had been jointly registered or agreed in writing by all of the band members.

The band's ‘name’, whether used for live performances, recordings, or in media, will always belong to the person who holds the earliest historic record of name registration or earliest proof of use of that name (provided that person can also prove continuity of use in the name since registration and its use within the past five years). That person retains the perpetual legal right to re-use that name as so wished even for an entirely different ‘band’ (or orchestra) of musicians, and that person also holds the legal right to stop any other parties from using that same registered name for similar purposes.

There is no law or ruling that will grant any other person the rights to use another person’s registered name without the consent of the registered holder of the name.

If a person becomes disassociated with the owner of the name they automatically lose any rights to continue to use that name unless the registered name holder allows it.

In brief: A band is simply a collection of musicians who come together to perform. This does not give the 'band' any ownership rights to the ‘name’ that they perform under, regardless of how long that 'band' may have been using that name, and in particular where the performance 'name' has been previously registered by another person.


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