About The Band

About the Band


To put it simply, The Rock Legends band perform the hit songs of the legendary bands and musicians that they have worked with over their musical careers, which includes The Animals, Smokie, Status Quo, Joe Cocker, Dire Straits, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Saxon, and many more.

The concept of the Sensational Rock Legends show is that
it consists of a wide repertoire of hit songs from famous rock bands of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, rather than performing the songs of only one band.
This variety of songs guarantees that their show is not only very entertaining, but also satisfies a very wide selection of musical tastes, age ranges and gender.

With each of the band members holding the credibility of having worked with so many famous bands and musicians, The Rock Legends can rightfully perform a wide variety of hit songs in their show.

The Rock Legends are a professional band that regularly headline at concerts around Europe with audiences of up to 50,000 people per show. They have performed live on many TV shows, some of which have been simultaneously broadcast to over 100 countries worldwide.

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