About The Band

About the Band


To put it simply, The Rock Legends band perform the hit songs of the legendary bands and musicians that they have worked with over their musical careers, which includes The Animals, Smokie, Status Quo, Joe Cocker, Dire Straits, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Saxon, and many more.

The concept of the Sensational Rock Legends show is that
it consists of a wide repertoire of hit songs from famous rock bands of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, rather than performing the songs of only one band.
This variety of songs guarantees that their show is not only very entertaining, but also satisfies a very wide selection of musical tastes, age ranges and gender.

With each of the band members holding the credibility of having worked with so many famous bands and musicians, The Rock Legends can rightfully perform a wide variety of hit songs in their show.

The Rock Legends are a professional band that regularly headline at concerts around Europe with audiences of up to 50,000 people per show. They have performed live on many TV shows, some of which have been simultaneously broadcast to over 100 countries worldwide.

History of the band

In 2006, Polish promoter Marian Knapciek was looking for a British band to perform in Poland at a number of corporate events he was arranging. He approached the British band Lieutenant Pigeon to ask if they would be interested in performing on the shows. Following a single pilot show in Poland on 1st December 2006 in which the promoter announced the band as the UK Legends an established line-up for the band was soon created featuring Simon Hough (Simon Van Downham) on guitar and Vocals, Martin Bland on Bass, Geoff Hammond on drums and Steve Hutchinson (Stevie Hutch) on keyboards.

In 2007 Steve Hutchinson started to promote the band worldwide and officially registered the band name UK Legends because he was now undertaking all of the promotion, administration, website creation, media advertising and bookings for the band outside of Poland.

In 2009 the band unfortunately split up due to an internal dispute and it totally disbanded. This is when Polish promoter Marian Knapciek gave Steve the opportunity to create a brand new UK Legends band to undertake future performances in Poland for him using musicians of Steve’s choice.

The previous two band members Simon and Geoff from Lancashire were shortlisted for the new band but Steve instead decided to re-enlist the previous bass player Martin Bland in his new band along with two other north east musicians; guitarist Graham Hunter who had previously worked in a Thin Lizzy band with Eric Bell (the original guitarist from Thin Lizzy), along with Ade Evans who was Chris Rea’s rehearsal drummer.  Alan Silson, the original guitarist from Smokie was also brought in to complete the line up but he was soon replaced by Bernie Lowery ‘The voice of Smokie’.

The band performed many shows in Poland with this line up but for some reason there were quite a few changes of drummer throughout the years. At one point Paul Thompson from Roxy Music covered for some of the shows, then Paul Elliot a top session drummer joined the band for a few years followed by Mickey ‘Mad Dog’ Davis.


In 2012 Steve re-named the show UK Rock Legends when the band started to perform shows in the UK.

In 2016 Steve changed the name of the band from UK Rock Legends back to UK Legends for all of its UK performances.

In 2019 George Defty joined the band playing alongside Stevie Hutch, Martin Bland, Bernie Lowery and guitarist Steve Lamb who took the place of the original guitarist Graham Hunter.


In 2021 when Martin Bland, Steve Lamb and George Defty left the band Steve Hutchinson brought in new band members: Howard Baker on vocals, previous Animals bass player Graham Hill, drummer George Waters and previous UK Legends/UK Rock Legends original guitarist Graham Hunter which is the current line-up of the band today.

The band is now performing its shows under the name of The Sensational Rock Legends.

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