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Important information regarding the correct advertising for


and our Disclaimer

The band 'UK LEGENDS' consists of five musicians Steve Hutchinson, Howard Baker, Graham Hunter, Graham Hill and George Waters. They have all worked with some of the UK’s finest bands and musicians in their musical careers. Their show is a performance of the hit songs of the bands and musicians that they have worked with over the years.

In some countries it has been alleged that third party advertising and media journalism regarding our concerts may have been incorrectly translated and may not have stated the accurate credibility of the bands members.

It is therefore extremely important that the correct biographies for the members of the band is reported only as follows;

STEVE HUTCHINSON (Stevie Hutch) has performed and toured extensively in The Animals, and Animals II, alongside original Animal's guitarist Hilton Valentine and original Animal's drummer John Steel. Steve has also toured and performed with Alan Silson ex Smokie original guitarist, as well as performing with many other famous musicians and bands.

GRAHAM HILL has performed and toured extensively in The Animals and Animals II alongside original Animals’ guitarist Hilton Valentine and original Animals’ drummer John Steel as well as many other famous musicians and bands.

HOWARD BAKER is an international singer songwriter who has had many European chart sucesses. He has performed with many famous bands and artists.

GRAHAM RUSSEL has recorded, toured and performed with Eric Bell's Thin Lizzy, the Gary Moore band, Animals III and many other famous musicians and bands.

GEORGE WATERS is a top UK percussionist and has recorded and performed with many famous musicians and bands.

The band and its members do not in any way claim that they represent, or are affiliated to, The Animals, Smokie, Thin Lizzy, Joe Cocker, John Miles, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, or any of the other bands or musicians whose songs are featured in their show.

The band performs and promotes itself worldwide through various agents, only under the following name:


The above name is the registered performance name of Steve Hutchinson (herein called the band). The user agrees not to use the name UK LEGENDS, or it’s logos without prior permission, and in all cases only in relation to the promotion of this band.

As a recognised promoter or selling agent of the band, we will allow you to use our registered trading name and logo in advertising material and on websites only for the purposes of advertising or promoting the band or the band's concert. At no time will this give any further rights to the name, or rights to use the name for any other purpose.

The band will refuse to perform at any concert where it has been made known to them that a concert is being promoted by incorrect wording on posters, incorrect media articles, or the use of any name different to one of those listed above, without being corrected.

The official posters of the band, and this website, clearly promote the band as


At all times the names of the bands whose music is being performed must never be presented in a larger font than the name ‘UK LEGENDS’

Official posters to be used for the promotion of the UK LEGENDS concerts can be easily downloaded from the ‘Download Official Posters’ page in the ‘Information for Promoters’ section of this website.

Although the band are very pro-active in monitoring the advertising of its concerts, it can sometimes be very difficult to notice mistakes when dealing with such countries as Scandinavia, Russia and Poland due to language unfamiliarity. The band do however operate a strict policy of cancelling any performance where they feel that the advertising may in any way be misleading, and steps have not been made to correct the mistake.

The band welcomes the reporting to them of any advertising that may be seen as misleading.

At all times the band aim to promote their band in a very legitimate and professional manner.


The band or its registered owners cannot be held responsible for any misleading promotion created by third party advertisers or media journalism published without their consent, or for any publicity that has not been created or distributed by the band or its registered owners themselves. Any such claim made against them will be referred to the creator of the offending publication or article.

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