UKL Backline Rider

Backline requirements for THE UKLEGENDS

(if requested)

(Some of this information is temporarily out of date)

1 x Marshall ‘JCM 900 Master Volume’ head
1 x Marshall 4x12 1960A cabinet

2 x Guitar Stands

Ampeg SVT bass head with 8X10 cab
(or if not available a similar rig e.g. Trace Elliot AH500 /
Ashdown ABM500 / SWR SM500 all with 1x15+4x10)

1 x Guitar Stand

A totally independent stereo keyboard backline of 600watt rms minimum
(e.g. 2x RCF ART325A or ART500A, or 2x RCF 712A)

1 x Small 4ch stereo mixer
1 x Ultimate Deltex or Ultimate Apex keyboard stand (set at 90 cms high)

The keyboards must have a dedicated backline and must definitely NOT be amplified only through the monitoring system!!

A quality six piece Rock kit
(Preferably Yamaha, or alternatively Pearl or DW) 
to include a 22" or 24" kick, 12" & 14" rack toms, 16" & 18" floor toms, 14" brass or steel snare 
Complete with high quality cymbals:
(Paiste, Istanbul or Zildjan) to include 14" Hi Hats, 1x 22" heavy ride, 18" & 19" crash and 1x 20" China 
Quality double bass drum pedal and stool


1 x Drum Riser

1 x Heavy Duty 50cm Radial Fan

1 x Acoustic Guitar Stand

Facility to pole-fly a 3m x 3m backdrop banner

Any changes to this backline rider must be notified at least 7 DAYS before the bands departure from the UK

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