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GRAHAM HUNTER (Vocals and Guitar)
Graham Russell UK Legends
It was not long after that before Graham found himself working with  top vocalist and frontman TERRY SLESSOR from BECKETT and PAUL KOSOFF'S BACK STREET CRAWLER, VIC MALCOLM from GEORDIE, and the SPIDERS FROM MARS and GOLDIE vocalist PETE McDONALD
Graham Russell Guitar

 In 2002 Graham was inducted into the MONSTERS OF ROCK alongside STEVIE HUTCH on keyboards where he could really show his talents as a 'Rock God' performing the world's greatest rock songs to massive audiences throughout Europe

Graham in Brzeg
In 2012 Graham was invited by former members of GARY MOORE's own band to perform the songs of Gary Moore in shows around Europe following his untimely death and to continue the tours that he had planned. Graham also performs through Europe in the Gary Moore tribute band Ultimate Gary Moore.
In his spare time when he is not touring Graham organises Guitar clinics and workshops, and also presents guitar demonstrations for musical instrument companies
Graham Russel UK Rock Legend
Graham Hunter (aka Graham Russell) was trained from the age of ten on classical guitar.
By the age of 15 he was playing electric guitar in local bands, very soon progressing to becoming a local rock guitar hero in his native north east of England.

Graham Russell Hunter Guitarist
Graham then went on to do recordings with JOHN MILES and TERRY SLESSOR.
He then joined 'ERIC BELL'S THIN LIZZY' as lead guitarist comfortably performing all the Thin Lizzy hits
Graham Russell Rock God
In 2009 Graham joined The UK LEGENDS performing his first gig with the band on stage in front of thousands of fans alongside ALAN SILSON Ex SMOKIE original guitarist.
Alan Silson UK Legends
Since then he has been amazing audiences throughout Europe with his excellent guitar playing and vocal talents
Graham Russell Hunter
Graham is a welcome member of The UK LEGENDS and the UK ROCK LEGENDS
augmenting the 'Rock guitar' side of the band