Stevie Hutch

STEVIE HUTCH (Keyboards and Backing Vocals)
Stevie Hutch Keyboards Animals
Stevie was classically trained on the piano from the age of 7 and by the age of 13 he had his first musical 'job' as the full time organist at two churches in the town. At the age of 12 he achieved the required standard on piano to study at The London Royal Academy of Music in London, but instead, stayed at home and finally succumbed to the lures of 'Rock and Roll'.
Stevie Hutch Rock Keyboard Players
Stevie was then chosen by the former original ANIMALS guitarist HILTON VALENTINE and the late CHAS CHANDLER (Founder bass player of THE ANIMALS, and manager of JIMMI HENDRIX and SLADE) to join the UK line-up of THE ANIMALS, alongside fellow 60's original Animals' drummer JOHN STEEL.
Stevie Hutch Professional Keyboard Player
In 2001, Stevie joined the NWOBHM Heavy Rock band FIST, where he can be heard on their album entitled 'ROUND 2'

In 2002, Stevie toured Scandinavia, Europe and Ireland with the original SMOKIE guitarist and songwriter ALAN SILSON, performing all of the old SMOKIE hits and recording songs with Alan featuring on his massive European hit 'What Can I Say', as well as 'Living Next Door to Alice' and 'If You Think You Know How to Love Me'

In 2003, Stevie appeared with BC SWEET at the Dunmow Festival in Essex.

In 2003, Stevie joined CLASSIC CLAPTON and embarked on a two year tour of UK theatres and festivals in Europe.

Stevie has also guested with many bands including; THE YARDBIRDS, and CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED. He has played along side such greats as BO DIDLEY, RITCHIE BLACKMORE, ROD ARGENT, DAVE EDMUNDS, JERRY DONAHUE, JOHN MILES, SUZI QUATRO, DENNY LAINE, CHRIS FARLOW and original members of LINDISFARNE.
Stevie Hutch UK Legends Player

[Taken from The Monsters Of Rock Biographies] 

Stevie Hutch (Steve Hutchinson) was the longest ever performing keyboard player for THE ANIMALS (Previously Alan Price 3 years and Dave Rowberry 4 years)
He was brought up in the coastal town of South Shields in the North East of England on the banks of the River Tyne.
Steve Hutchinson Animals Vox Organ

Being brought up on a teen-age musical diet of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, ELP, Zeppelin and Floyd, Stevie joined his first working rock band at the age of 16. Unfortunately he was unable to embark on a tour of Scandinavia with them due to being too young to obtain a work permit!

He continued to work in many other hard working rock bands namely; WARBECK, FRAGILE and BECKETT along with the infamous frontman Terry Slessor (From BECKETT and BACK STREET CRAWLER featuring FREE guitarist PAUL KOSSOFF), and PAUL THOMPSON the drummer from ROXY MUSIC and was also in GARY MOORE's band featuring on the Emerald Isles tour and Donnington Festival in 1984.
Stevie Hutch Clapton Gig Keyboard Player
Stevie toured the World with THE ANIMALS for over eight years playing keyboards at more than 600 concerts as far afield as the USA, Australia, Japan, Far East, Middle East, Europe and the USSR, achieving the accolade of becoming the longest ever serving keyboard player of THE ANIMALS
Stevie Hutch The Animals
Left to right: Steve Hutchinson - John Steel - Steve Dawson - Robert Kane - Hilton Valentine - Martin Bland
Animals II Band
1996 Official
Animals Poster

Animals Interesting Life CD
Animals line up

Stevie can be heard performing on the Animals CD's 'House of the Rising Sun', Greatest Hits', and 'Interesting Life'.

Alan Silson and Stevie Hutch Keyboards
Stevie pictured above performing Smokie songs with Alan Silson in Europe
Stevie hutch Nord Electro Player
In 2007 Stevie created the UK LEGENDS band and in 2016 created the UK ROCK LEGENDS band with both bands performing the hits of the bands and musicians that he has worked with over the years and is truly a UK Legend in his own right
Stevie Hutch Hammond B3 e-mu
Stevie Hutch UK Legends Poland